About go-transfers.com, transfer services in Rhodes, Greece

50+ coaches and mini-van, 100+ taxis.. and growing! You will find us in Rhodes and Kos.

About go-transfers.com, transfer services in Rhodes, Greece

All of the vehicles are fully air conditioned, outfitted with the latest audio-visual equipment and are running under the highest health & safety as well as insurance standards.

We believe that when arriving to your destination, you should be able to access to quality transportation services and book them easily online. As well as tie down facilities, our specially adapted Mercedes minibus, equipped with a side door entrance and a rear ramp access, will allows easy access for all those guests who simply need a bit of help. Our highly reliable and experienced drivers are specially trained to use the boarding device to enable wheel chair users to get the perfect service according to the latest health and safety standards.

Our goal is to achieve total client satisfaction by creating unique and unforgettable travel experiences based on our high quality and fast services.

We intend to provide our customers with the best services in the tourism sector within Greece by realizing the full potential of this unique destination. We want to be the company that knows and understand the clients need before they understand them themselves.

Go-Transfers.com is a website dedicated to provide the best transfer services across the islands of Rhodes, and Kos.

Depending on your needs, you can find private transfer, shared shuttle and VIP transfer services, so you can travel easily, securely and comfortably.

Our on-line service offers you the opportunity to reserve a transfer private / shared from Rhodes, Kos International Airport and Rhodes Port to your holiday center and vice versa. Transfer by coach, minibus, taxi or car with a driver and full air-conditioned, directly to your accommodation: hotel, villa or apartment.

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