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Posted on Aug 7, 2015 in Trip to Crete |

Nightlife in Chania, Crete

Nightlife in Chania, Crete

When visiting Chania, in the island of Crete, you will be amazed by many things, one of them is the intense and vibrant nightlife of the place. Whether you are fond of atmospheric jazz bars, outdoor music lounges or dance clubs, you will find the place for you to have a great time!

If you are visiting a place at the Municipality of Chania, you should know that nightlife is mainly concentrated in the city of Chania, Agia Marina, Kasteli and Sougia.

Nightlife in Chania usually takes place at the Old Harbour, the Venetian harbour of Chania. You will recognize it by the famous lighthouse that decorates its entrance. In the Old Harbour you will find most of the restaurants, bars and nightclubs of the city. Have a late dinner and enjoy your drinks at one of the most popular places to hang out at night, both for the locals and the other tourists.

Apart from the Old Harbour, you will also enjoy the coastal areas of the Prefecture, where you will also find some nice places to have a drink or the cocktail by the sea and with the picturesque views that the city of Chania has to offer you.

The best time of the night to start your nightlife in Chania is around 10 or 11 pm. If you think it is quite late, you may think again, considering the fact that the fun goes on and on up until 5 am in the morning. So, it is a good idea to take a rest and charge your batteries because you don’t want to miss this!

Have fun!

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