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Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Must see in Rhodes |

Events Places in Rhodes Island

Events Places in Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island Medieval Moat
Rhodes Island is a Crossroad of Civilization and a Cosmopolitan Place on which many Events are held during the summer.
The places that have been chosen are of a high meaning of Culture for the island.

The Medieval Moat is one of them, which is called “Tafros” by the Rhodians. The great moat, in which the Medieval City of Rhodes and the Palace of the Knights of Rhodes was encircled safety, used to be full of water. The total high of the walls was 6 meters and the maximum width was 200 meters.

Nowadays Tourists as well as the inhabitants of the island love to stroll through the mold which has a total length of 2km and is listed since 1988 as an UNESCO World heritage site. The open theatre located half way within the dike offers a magical atmosphere for all kinds of summer events.

Another sight is the Villa Rees, one of the listed monuments of Ministry of Culture. In 1928 Noel Rees fell in love with Rhodes Island and built a cottage by the sea which combines different architecture styles. The villa is one of the few villas preserved from the period of Italians.

The castle of Kritinia will leave you speechless as it is built on a hill and has a panoramic view of the sea. It offered security at the locals from the Turkish navy attacks. The city of Kritinia was built in 1472 from Cretan émigrés in Rhodes, by which the name came from (Kritinia= Nea Kriti= New Crete).

The castle was built by great engineers of the medieval season and has influences of byzantine and medieval period, as there is the catholic church of St. Pauls inside the castle, too.

Here you can find some great events that you should not miss and will add a bit of Rhodian Culture at your vacations!

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